Keswick Rambling Club was formed in 1954 and provides a regular programme of walks throughout the Lake District and Cumbria. Our aim is to enjoy the spectacular scenery our region has to offer in a relaxed and friendly group. We are open to new members living all or part of the time in Cumbria and our subscription is currently £5 per year. The Club offers up to three levels of walks fortnightly on Wednesdays and Sundays, with car sharing to the start. Our walks are led by members and they do not have specific qualifications or technical expertise. Members join walks at their own risk.

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There are three grades of walk (approximate guidelines depending on weather, time of year, etc):

  • Challenging – in the region of up to 10 miles with around 2500/3000 feet of ascent;
  • Moderate – in the region of up to 8 miles with around 1500/2000 feet of ascent; and
  • Easy – in the region of up to 6 miles with around 1000 feet of ascent.

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